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Gratuities Policy


A ‘gratuity or tip’ is a voluntary payment made by a guest for a colleague or group of colleagues which they intend or assume to be kept by the colleague or shared with other colleagues. The purpose of this policy is to outline the requirements in relation to the distribution and processing of electronic gratuities. An electronic gratuity is a gratuity payment made through electronic transfer.  100% of electronic gratuities are distributed amongst colleagues. The scope of this policy applies to all colleagues of our hotel.


Due to the nature and seasonality of our business, the fairest way to distribute gratuities is to take into consideration the proportion of hours worked by the colleague during the pay period in which the gratuity was made. Each applicable colleague should receive a percentage of the total departmental gratuities in line with the percentage of hours they have worked during the relevant period. The role and influence of the colleague in providing service to customers may also be taken into account. Consultation and agreement is sought by colleagues on the specific departmental breakdown at the Employee Consultation and Information Committee meetings. This will also include consultation on group gratuities for large events/conferences and the departmental allocation of same.


Gratuities are to be paid in the payroll immediately following the close of each calendar month for the entire preceding month. Any colleagues who leave employment who are due gratuities that cannot be processed at month end due to the cessation of their employment, will be paid their gratuities via voucher and are responsible for any tax payable on this income. The accounts department are responsible for administering the payments monthly once the breakdown method agreed is confirmed by ECIC.  A written statement will be provided monthly specifying clearly, the total amount of gratuities distributed by the employer for the period to which the statement relates. The amount of gratuities distributed to the colleague specifically to whom the statement is provided, will be noted on their individual electronic payslip.

The company does not make any deduction from a colleague’s wages in respect of gratuities made to, or left for, a colleague, or make any deduction from gratuities to be distributed, other than as required by any statute or by any instrument made under any statute.

We shall clearly display our policy on how gratuities are distributed stating that gratuities are distributed to and amongst colleagues, where gratuities are so distributed to and amongst colleagues, the manner in which they are distributed and the amounts so distributed. The policy shall be displayed in the relevant department, main reception and colleague notice boards.


Any complaints with regards to gratuities should be directed initially to the departmental manager.